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Serrano Elementary School

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Vision & Mission Statement

Serrano Elementary Vision Statement:
Serrano Elementary equips students with a solid learning foundation to achieve high academic performance.
Serrano Elementary Mission Statement:
At Serrano Elementary, all staff will ensure:
Students are held to high expectations to ensure that all students meet or exceed their educational goals through:
1) Students goal-setting and monitoring
2) Setting school-wide goals for English Language Arts and Math
3) Consistent teacher collaboration through Professional Learning Communities and data analysis. 
Students are challenged with rigorous instruction through:
1) Grade level benchmarking
2) Following district adopted programs with fidelity and consistency
3) Depth of complexity of instruction
4) Teacher action planning and pacing
Staff and students will promote a positive school climate where all feel able to learn through:
1) Implementation and fidelity with PBIS
2) Addressing the social emotional needs of the students
3) Implementation of school-wide systems
4) Supporting an open flow of communications between home and school