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Message From Nutrition Department

Please see the email below from the Nutrition Services Department regarding student 2016-17 Meal Application Policy.

Should you need clarification or explanation, please feel free to contact Serrano Office at (951) 571-4660.

Thank you
Serrano Office Staff
Subject: 2016-17 Meal Application

This email serves as a reminder that 2015/16 meal eligibility will end on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

Each year, Nutrition Services extends a 30 day grace period of Free and Reduced meal eligibility to those students who qualified in the previous school year. This “grace period” will come to an end on September 21, 2016. All students who do not have a current 2016-17 meal application will automatically change to “paid” status.

If an elementary and middle school student’s account is short of money and he/she does not bring a lunch, a complete meal will be provided by Nutrition Services up by to three times on credit.

An alternative meal of fruit, vegetable and milk will be provided to a student should the student have lost or forgotten his/her lunch and exceeded chargeable meals (AP NO.3542.42). Parent notification of student accounts will be done via Parentlink and/or notices sent home.

Please do not hesitate to contact Nutrition Services should you have any questions or concerns.

Carla Lyder RD
Director, Nutrition Services
13911 Perris Blvd.
Moreno Valley CA 92553