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School Policies

Serrano Parents & Guardians:

A reminder of our MVUSD policy regarding student pick up during school hours.

For student safety, Serrano Elementary school always follows District policy when checking out all students. Therefore, everyone picking up students during school hours or if late for after school pick-up is required to show picture identification and be listed on the emergency card.

Again for your children safety, we cannot release students to someone who you have not previously listed on the emergency card as having permission to pick up your child. The school verifies the person’s identity by asking to see a picture identification. Please come in to the office to update your emergency card information if addresses and phone numbers have changed. Also, please update emergency card if you have a change or want to add someone to the emergency contact.

We hope you understand the many reasons why MVUSD has this policy and support our adherence and follow up with the policy. We sincerely apologize if in the past the policy was not followed consistently, but please be assured your child’s safety is our top priority and the policy is strictly followed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office at 571-4660.

Thank you,

Emilio Gallegos
Serrano Elementary School
(951) 571-4660

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