Kindness Always Matters

"Always be a little kinder than necessary."  ~James M. Barrie

Serrano Hawks Know Kindness Always Matters!

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#KindnessMatters     #RandomActsOfKindness 

How will you be kind today?

Simple Random Acts of Kindness are super easy and you'll feel great for being kind.  Try any of the ideas below:
  1. Hold the door open for someone
  2. Give someone a compliment
  3. Give someone a "Happy" note
  4. Say "Thank You" more often
  5. Write and give your teacher a "Thank You" note
  6. Write and give your friend a "Thank You" note
  7. Smile at everyone you see at school today
  8. Read a book to someone
  9. Draw a nice picture for a friend
  10. Say "Hello" to a student at Serrano you don't know
  11. Tell your Mom and Dad you love them
  12. Help a classmate understand a concept
  13. Thank the school crossing guard, Ms. Alma, for helping you cross the street safely

**More Ideas Coming Soon!  

Page is a "Work in Progress"  like Kindness

Thank you for reading this are so kind!